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Garage Door Repair Waterloo


Garage Door Maintenance Service

One of the best ways to protect your family from accidents and never deal with problems is to trust our garage door maintenance Waterloo service. With annual routine services, garage doors are maintained in tip top condition. This means that they don’t get loose, noisy, or misaligned unless a car bumps in them. Although these systems are highly affected by the weather conditions and elements, we maintain them well to last till the next time we service them. That’s important for your convenience and safety, but also for your expenses. Garage Door Maintenance Waterloo

With the regular service Garage Door Repair Waterloo provides, you avoid future repairs and the hassle of not being able to use the door. Since all steel parts are lubricated and well-tightened, they won’t get scratched and damaged and so they last longer. Garage door inspection allows us to check every part of the system and tell you if the sensors, springs, hinges, or rollers are pretty damaged and should be replaced. This way, you can schedule their replacement before they give you trouble.

What is included in garage door maintenance service

A regular garage door maintenance in Waterloo includes several steps apart from the inspection of the door, opener and their parts. It also includes:

  • Garage door adjustment. That’s one of the most significant steps. The door must open and close evenly and all the way. It must also move at the right speed. So we adjust the springs and the opener chain, and the settings of the travel limit and force of the door.
  • Lubrication and fasteners tightening. Overtime, nuts and bolts get loose. That’s why tracks get misaligned. When parts move from their initial position, the door might jam and will also make noise. With regularly maintenance lubrication and by tightening the fasteners, we eliminate noises and dangers.
  • It’s vital to test the reverse system but also the release rope. We align the safety sensors, make sure the door’s arm is well-secured, and check the overall movement of the door in case we need tofix garage door parts.

Should there is a problem with the system, trust our garage door troubleshooting expertise. We will find what’s wrong with the door and fix the component responsible for the problem. So call us to make an appointment for regular service with our team in Waterloo, Ontario.

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